NENA - The Neighborhood Network

Company / Organization

Federal Government of Lower Austria


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Innovation Projects,  Research,  Teaching


Bernhard Gerhardter

In August 2021, the Unit for Technology and Digitization of the Lower Austrian Federal Government collaborated with around 30 citizens from Lower Austria in an innovative sandpit process to develop ideas and initial approaches for how digital solutions can contribute to successful village and community life in Lower Austria.

NENA - The Neighborhood Network is a platform idea in which citizens of a municipality can contribute with their ideas and also take responsibility to "do it themselves". Project suggestions, but also concerns can be deposited here, which can be supported, taken over or converted afterwards by citizens themselves, by enterprises or associations as well as by the municipality. This strengthens and actively promotes cooperation in the community.

The idea of NENA - The Neighborhood Network has already been worked on in the E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021 and is open for further development.

Challenge questions from the E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021:

·        What could a drafted design for the technical implementation of NENA - The Neighborhood Network look like?

·        How could an open source solution for NENA - The Neighborhood Network be developed?

·        How could citizens be encouraged to use the platform?

·        How could the platform be moderated? Who is responsible?

·        Are there any other use cases the platform could be suitable for?


Full Challenge Video on YouTube: