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Ready for a challenge? The next E³UDRES² Hackathon is taking place this fall - join us on 13-14 October 2022 in one of our international Hackathon Hubs, or online!

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E³UDRES² I Living Labs 2022

The I Living Labs are returning for a third edition bringing all-new formats and challenges - registration is open from 01 October 2022!

New partners join the E³UDRES² Alliance

Welcome to the E³UDRES² Alliance, Saxion UAS, Fulda UAS and Jyväskylä UAS!

The three institutions will increase the E³UDRES² network to nine partners.

Engaged and Entrepreneurial European University as Driver for European Smart and Sustainable Regions

E³UDRES² is a European University Alliance - a network of higher education institutions that collaborate closely in order to have a substantial impact in higher education.

Stronger Together

The E³UDRES² Alliance is one of only 44 European University Alliances in Europe - an initiative launched by the European Commission, indicating excellence in the field of higher education.

Together as E³UDRES², the institutions are able to pool knowledge, core competences and skills of all their staff and students. With the power of all the individual institutions united, E³UDRES² is able to actively shape and further develop not only its individual institutions, but also the regions they are located in.

The E³UDRES² Institutions

The E³UDRES² European University Alliance is comprised of eight institutions - a combination of unique, scientific universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). In addition, E³UDRES² members are ambitious, flexible, small or medium-sized universities (<15,000 students), located in a small or medium-sized European cities (<250,000 inhabitants) of one of the smaller European countries (<20 million Inhabitants) and anchored in their surrounding environments but internationally connected and active within the European Higher Education Area.

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences


Photo of Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal

Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal


Photo of Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences


UC Leuven-Limburg University of Applied Sciences


Photo of Politehnica University Timișoara

Politehnica University Timișoara


Photo of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences


NEW: Saxion University of Applied Sciences

The Netherlands

NEW: Fulda University of Applied Sciences


What we focus on

Future Universities

What will universities look like in the year 2030 and beyond? E³UDRES² aims to find answers to this question and strives to support the transition to future-proof universities.

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Smart & Sustainable Regions

By engaging students, university staff, citizens and many other players, E³UDRES² aims to transform the non-urban regions it is located in into areas that are defined by innovation, flexibility and sustainability - true Smart & Sustainable Regions.

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Latest news

26 Sep 2022

E³UDRES² Alliance welcomes Jyväskylä UAS as ninth partner

The University of Applied Sciences located in Finland will expand the E³UDRES² network to more than 100.000 students and 10.500 staff.

19 Sep 2022

E³UDRES² at the Higher Education Summit in Hasselt

Various E³UDRES² members met in Hasselt from 6-8 September 2022 to discuss the future of education.

19 Sep 2022

E³UDRES² at the 32nd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona

Titled "The Future in Full Colour", this year's edition of the event hosted by the EAIE took place in beautiful Barcelona, Spain.

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What we aim to achieve



Co-Innovate Smart and Sustainable European regions.



Co-Ideate a Future University for future-skilled learners.



Co-Create a European Multi-University Campus across the E³UDRES² institutions.

Ideas & Concepts

E³UDRES² not only co-creates outstanding ideas for its core topics "Future Universities" and "Smart and Sustainable Regions", it also encourages everyone to submit their own ideas. Find out more about the interesting concepts we have received!

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Shared values

The members of the alliance were carefully selected and invited due to the following aspects.


Strategic commitment

Due to their existing strategic commitment and their acknowledged expertise for the further development of smart and sustainable regions.



Due to their expertise and good practices for challenge based education with innovative methods.



Due to their full commitment and their outstanding knowhow in mission-oriented research and human-centred Innovation.



Due to their experience as engaged and entrepreneurial university and their activities and efforts towards future universities.

Upcoming E³UDRES² Events

Oct 2022

E³UDRES² Hackathon

Join the second E³UDRES² Hackathon and tackle real-life challenges!

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13:00 (CET), 13 Oct

- 23:59 (CET), 14 Oct

all E³UDRES² institutions

Oct 2022

E³UDRES² I Living Labs 2022

Be part of the third edition of the I Living Labs and select your favorite challenge to solve with your team!

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October - December 2022;

specific timing depends on format chosen

all E³UDRES² institutions

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