E³UDRES² Bootcamps

Join one of our E³UDRES² Bootcamps and shape your region!

A week full of challenges, teamwork and meeting future friends

The E³UDRES² Bootcamp is a 5-day event where students from our E³UDRES² higher education institutions come together to find solutions to a challenge. It is an unique occasion to develop your ideas in an innovative environment and offer creative solutions for current regional challenges. Over the course of five days, you will be working in small teams with other E³UDRES² students to co-create a concept that contributes to a smarter and more sustainable society. No prior knowledge necessary!



The Bootcamp offers you the chance to actively take part in designing the future of European regions. You will experience an innovative and creative working environment with support and motivation from our mentors and experts, where you will learn to develop an idea from a problem to a solution with impact.

You will leave the Bootcamp with a deepened knowledge of design thinking and business models, the experience of pitching to a jury, various soft skills like time management, intercultural and international collaboration, and of course knowledge of the E³UDRES² regions.

Meeting new people from all over Europe and having a fun time is guaranteed!

The Bootcamp facts at a glance

⏲️ Duration

Five days within one week

👫 Participants

Students from all E³UDRES² partnering institutions

📍🏞️ Location

Somewhere in a E³UDRES² country: Austria, Portugal, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Finland or the Netherlands

📅 Frequency

Once a year

💰 Costs

All costs are covered by E³UDRES²


All students get 3 ECTS points for participating in the Bootcamp

Next up:

E³UDRES² Bootcamp 2024

The next E³UDRES² Bootcamp will take place in 2024 in Limburg, Belgium.

Past E³UDRES² Bootcamps

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The E³UDRES² Bootcamp is a co-creation format, where students from different backgrounds and different countries work together to develop a common solution for current regional challenges under the guidance of mentors and experts.

The E³UDRES² Bootcamp consists of a virtual phase containing a kick-off meeting and a self-study phase before the actual bootcamp, as well as the 5-day event in one of our E³UDRES² regions.

All students from E³UDRES² partner universities can participate - no matter which study programme or background! Also, no prior knowledge is necessary.

Applications for the next Bootcamp will open on 27 March 2023. To stay up to date, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!

Four students of every E³UDRES² institution will be selected. Field of study or prior experience are not crucial – your motivation and engagement are important to us!

Students who completed the bootcamp successfully will receive 3 ECTS.


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