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Founding of the E³UDRES² Alliance

The idea of E³UDRES² as a European University had been initiated by St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences (Austria) in fall 2019, with the aim to create an "engaged, European, entrepreneurial University as driver for smart and sustainable regions.” The future members of the E³UDRES² consortium were then invited specifically based on their motivation to elaborate and contribute to the alliance. As a result, on October 1st, 2020, the time had finally come and E³UDRES² celebrated its official launch.

E³UDRES² Online Opening Conference

In March 2021, E³UDRES² celebrated it's launch with the Online Opening Conference under the topic “Towards Future Universities for Smart and Sustainable Regions”. The two-day event dealing with the core topics of E³UDRES², “Future Universities” as well as “Smart and Sustainable Regions”, offered new and thought-provoking insights from various perspectives.

Start of Student-Centered Formats: E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021

From 23 - 24 September 2021, E³UDRES² hosted its initial Hackathon titled "Hack2Change". During the international Hackathon, teams of students and university staff worked on challenges submitted by regional stakeholders. Ever since, the E³UDRES² Alliance has successfully established many more formats, like Bootcamps, I Living Labs and iResidencies.

First Expansion of the Alliance

In April 2022, E³UDRES² announced the admittance of Fulda University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and Saxion University of Applied Sciences into the consortium, expanding the E³UDRES² network from six to eight partnering institutions.

First E³UDRES² Strategy Forum

The very first E³UDRES² Strategy Forum was hosted at St. Pölten UAS, Austria, and brought together representatives from all around the E³UDRES² network. Aiming to reinforce the alliance's vision and mission, the participants worked on many key E³UDRES² priorities for the months to come.

E³UDRES² Board of Student Representatives Relaunches with New Structures

Summer 2022 marked the reorganization of the E³UDRES² Board of Student Representatives, the official body standing in for the interests of all students of E³UDRES². Main representatives were elected, and clearer structures were established.

Second Expansion of the Alliance

In September 2022, the E³UDRES² Alliance took in another renowned higher education institution: Jamk University of Applied Sciences (Finland), a university with approximately 8.000 students and 800 staff, became the ninth partner in the network.

E³UDRES² Regional Stakeholders Forum connects European Regions

In November 2022, E³UDRES² hosted its first Regional Stakeholders Forum at St. Pölten UAS, Austria. The event successfully brought together experts, policy- and change-makers, enthusiasts from industry, universities and development agencies from nine European regions.

Submission of Proposal for E³UDRES² 2.0

In January 2023, the proposal for the continuation of the funding for the E³UDRES² Alliance was submitted to the European Commission. This next phase of E³UDRES² aims to focus on intensifying and deepening the collaboration between all partners involved - including the three new partners Fulda UAS, Saxion UAS and Jamk.

European Commission Approves Proposal for E³UDRES² 2.0

The E³UDRES² consortium was successful in convincing the commission with its ambitious application: The work of the alliance will definitely continue until 2027 and get supported with funding of around 14.4 million euros. The main focus of the next phase will lie on intensifying the existing cooperation of the now nine full partner universities.

E³UDRES² Forum 2023 Celebrated the Network's Achievements

More than 120 researchers, students, entrepreneurs, policy makers and higher education professionals travelled to the city of St. Pölten from 18-19 September 2023 to attend the E³UDRES² Forum 2023. Hosted at the modern St. Pölten UAS campus under the motto "Connecting European Universities & Regions", the event celebrated the three-year anniversary of the E³UDRES² Alliance, and marked a significant milestone for the university network.

E³UDRES² Association Established

With the founding of an E³UDRES² association, the network established its first legal entity. The association serves as an umbrella organization, dedicated to further deepening the strategic collaboration and supporting relevant activities of its full partner higher education institutions united within the E³UDRES² alliance. This step not only bears a strong symbolic significance, but also brings the alliance further in terms of an even stronger sharing of capacities, resources and concepts developed jointly by the alliance.

Creating a new ecosystem

The E³UDRES² Universe

Ever since its launch in 2020, the higher education institutions in E³UDRES² have teamed up for various further projects, focusing on topics such as innovation and entrepreneurship or capacity building. Through these projects, E³UDRES² can further focus on specific challenges of its regions and support meaningful development.

Further Milestones

March 2021

First E³UDRES² Regional Stakeholders Workshop Takes Place

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June 2021

First E³UDRES² Research Living Labs are hosted online

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November 2021

First I Living Labs kick off with more than 90 students

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December 2021

First E³UDRES² Science Pub Quiz is hosted online

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March 2022

E³UDRES² Student Representatives join Inaugural Session of the European Student Assembly in France

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April 2022

Second Research Living Labs take place on-site at Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, Portugal

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July 2022

First E³UDRES² Bootcamp takes place in St. Jakob, Austria

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September 2022

E³UDRES² joins Start-up Villages Initiative

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October 2022

Second E³UDRES² Strategy Forum takes place at Polytehnica University Timisoara, Romania

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November 2022

First edition of E³UDRES² iResidencies takes place

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December 2022

Third round of I Living Labs ends with new formats piloted

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June 2023

Hannes Raffaseder Elected As President of EURASHE

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June 2023

Successful E³UDRES² Citizen Science Conference in Portugal

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July 2023

E³UDRES² Goes New York: Sharing the E³UDRES² Experience In The USA

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Throwback to past activities and formats

Time to say goodbye! Some activities within E³UDRES² were discontinued due to various factors, others were hosted for special occasions and events only. Find an overview of past activities of the E³UDRES² alliance here:

The E³UDRES² iResidencies were a one-week format bringing students to a E³UDRES² region, where they had the possibility to closely work together with regional stakeholders. Students took a deep-dive into local communities, getting to know the challenges connected to the lifestyle outside of big metropoles. During the iResidency, students met up with stakeholders, such as local politicians, company owners or community associations, and got an insight into real local challenges.

The E³UDRES² Research Living Labs served as events connecting researches within the E³UDRES² network, giving them the space to develop new joint projects, get in touch with students and stakeholders, and exchange ideas.

In the run up to the E³UDRES² Online Opening Conference in March 2021, the alliance opened a call to the members of its community to propose ideas fitting the focus areas of "Smart and Sustainable Regions" as well as "Future Universities". More than 20 concepts were submitted, some of them being presented to the E³UDRES² audience at the Online Opening Conference later.

The E³UDRES² Photo Voice Challenges were a community-based activitiy organised by the team behind the Change cornEr, an awareness-building project by the research network working on Circular Economy within the alliance.

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