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What's an I Living Lab?

I Living Labs are course units in a study programme (or extracurricular course units) in which teams of students set to work on a challenge. This challenge is a complex problem that confronts an entrepreneur, (non-profit) organisation or local government for example, for which there is no cut-and-dried solution and for which a solution can have a positive impact on the region they are located in.

The student teams working together over the course of several weeks in the I Living Lab have the benefit of profiting from all the individual backgrounds of each student - coming from different study programmes, different countries and being equipped with different skills, the teams represent a diverse mix of people, each bringing in their own strengths to solve the challenge they are working on. This is what we call trans-disciplinary work - and it’s also an important component in the tool belt of future jobs. Students will also work with entrepreneurs, policymakers, citizens, researchers, and other groups of people, who may offer a different perspective on the challenge the students are facing. Finally, education professionals will supervise the students in every step along the way. They are not there to tell them what to do and how to do it, but to coach the teams and provide maximum support.

Who's in an I Living Lab?

Student Teams

The student teams are the core players of an I Living Lab. Consisting of various students from different institutions, countries and disciplines, the teams regularly get together over the course of several weeks to find solutions to the challenge they are working on.

Educational Entrepreneurs

The Educational Entrepreneur is the coach of the I Living Lab. They guide the students in their co-creative design-thinking process and stimulate them to develop their future skills. Together with the stakeholder, they work towards a smart and sustainable solution for the challenge presented in the I Living Lab.


A stakeholder is the owner of the challenge - the person who originally discovered the problem and is looking to find a solution in the I Living Lab. They can be anyone from the regional society: a business owner, a local authority, a civilian, a student, a (non profit) organization or any other regional player. Together with students and coaches (see "Educational Entrepeneurs"), they start a process of co-creation to find a smart and sustainable solution for their challenge.

Timeline of an I Living Lab

The process of an I Living Lab is divided in different stages. The event which lasts over several weeks can be roughly divided into three phases: The (Pre-)Preparation Phase, the Work Phase, and the Showdown.

Why be part of one?

Working in an I Living Lab acts as a trigger to improve your future skills, like analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities, showing creativity in dealing with obstacles and learning to deal with uncertainties. In an I Living Lab, you will be given time and space to develop and hone these future skills.

Committing to an I Living Lab also means committing to society. Together with different partners, you will be looking for a solution that makes a difference in the greater society. We also encourage you to take up the role of change agent in your own local communities afterwards!

Submit your Challenge

Let student teams come up with great solutions in the next I Living Lab!

Are you a local institution in one of the E³UDRES² countries, an entrepreneur, a citizen or part of any other type of organization? Have you been banging your head against the same problem for years or do you have a specific challenge you need expert help with?

The I Living Labs may have the solution you've been searching for! In an I Living Lab, researchers and international students from a wide array of disciplines meet up to tackle your problem. This trans-disciplinary way of working invariably results in new perspectives and ideas. Together you work on a solution that benefits both you as a citizen and your region!

I Living Labs + educational professionals

The E³UDRES² ambition is to allow students to acquire the necessary competencies to be ready for future changes in the labour market. We also offer every student the necessary skills and stimulate a certain ‘daring’ quality so that they can become a change agent in their own environment.

This obviously requires an innovative educational approach. Want to support us in realizing the next I Living Lab? Become an Educational Entrepreneur and support students in solving their challenges! As a lecturer, you act as the facilitator of the I Living Lab learning process. It is therefore not necessary that you are an expert in the specific matter of the challenge. Your part is to monitor the process and to coach the students through it.

Interested in becoming an Educational Entrepreneur? Please drop us a message!

If you want to get some first-hand experience of what being an Educational Entrepreneur is like, read this interview with four of the Educational Entrepreneurs based at St. Pölten UAS!

Past I Living Lab Showdowns & Team Pitches

During the I Living Lab Showdown, the participating teams present their solutions to the challenges they've been working on for several weeks. Check out the past team pitches at the I Living Lab Showdowns we had so far below:

View pitches on YouTube

View pitches on YouTube

Local I Living Lab contacts at the E³UDRES² institutions

➜ Please reach out to Ms Christina Tanzer via E-Mail

➜ Please reach out to the Work Package 3 Team via E-Mail

➜ Please reach out to the general E³UDRES² administration team via E-Mail

➜ Please reach out to the UCLL I Living Lab Team via their Contact Form (Dutch)

➜ Please reach out to the general E³UDRES² administration team via E-Mail

➜ Please reach out to the general E³UDRES² administration team via E-Mail

➜ Please reach out to Ms Gizem Savran via E-Mail

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