E³UDRES² Hackathons

The fastlane to solving challenges

Real-Life Regional challenges solved by international teams - the best of both worlds!

What can you expect from a E³UDRES² Hackathon?

The main goal of a Hackathon is to come up with an innovative idea, a first concept draft for a challenge by researching and brainstorming together with your team. The twist: Hackathons only give you about 36 to 48 hours time to come up with your solution! Participating in a Hackathon will sharpen your time management and organization skills, and also teach you how to focus on the essentials in a project.

The Hackathon challenges are based on real-life problems local businesses and institutions are facing. Therefore, the themes and focuses for each event are ever-changing. The most exciting part? Everyone can participate, from students to university staff and even citizens. Add the international aspect of the event into the mix, and you get the perfect teams for solving the challenges!  

Support along the way

While you and your team work on coming up with the most suitable and creative solutions for the challenge, there are experienced mentors and experts available to give input and refine your ideas even further. After the working time is up and every team has submitted their best, most innovative idea, a jury will be voting for the solutions they support the most.



 Hackathon Facts at a Glance

⏲️ Duration

36 - 48 hours

👫 Participants

Students and staff from all E³UDRES² partnering institutions, and citizens from the E³UDRES² regions

📍🏞️ Location

Somewhere in a E³UDRES² country: Austria, Portugal, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, Hungary, Finland, Germany or the Netherlands

📅 Frequency

Once a year

📜 Language


💰 Costs

All costs are covered by E³UDRES²

join one of our Hackathons!

The next E³UDRES² Hackathon is taking place on 08-09 February 2024 at UC Leuven Limburg UAS, Belgium.

PAST E³UDRES² Hackathons

Still not sure if a E³UDRES² Hackathon is the right format for you? Check out our past editions of the Hackathon and see what they were like:

Hackathon FAQs

Participation in a E³UDRES² Hackathon is open to students and staff from E³UDRES² member universities, as well as to citizens of E³UDRES² regions.

E³UDRES² Hackathons are short events to generate first ideas and drafts for a solution to a challenge - this is why they only last for 36 - 48 hours.

Participation in a E³UDRES² Hackathon is completely free of charge!

No - the teams will be assembled by the organizational team after the registration deadline is over.


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