Artificial Intelligence and Digital Tools for Pest Control in Vineyards

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Wine is the main export item of the EU within the food sector and an excellent witness of local traditions, skills and biodiversity. At the same time viticulture is the area with the highest use of pesticides, as its specialization and intensification made it more and more susceptible to pests and diseases out-breaks as well as to climate change effects. Furthermore, due to the increasingly alarming consequences of climate change, plagues have become a serious threat to grape quality and viticulture yields. Knowledge of the presence and distribution of pest species will aid growers in future management decisions.

This challenge has already been worked on in the E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021 and is open for further development.

Challenge questions from the E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021:

AVIPE would like to get your support in development and commercialization of advanced pest traps, such as tools to support early detection/diagnostics/monitoring of vineyard infestations, such as, for instance:

  • AI-powered vineyard pest traps - smart pest traps

  • IoT devices to monitor and report pest activity in real-time and collect data that provides new insights into pest behaviour, help improving pest control

  • new pest trap designs replacing or complementing the role of chemical attractants (pheromone lures) by other types of bioactive molecules or mechanical/physical technologies (e.g. coloured LEDs)

  • new (modular) trap designs employing sustainable materials

Any other ideas on suitable solutions for integrated pest management in vineyards are not only accepted, but very welcome!

Full Challenge Video on YouTube:

This challenge was submitted in summer 2021.

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