Efficient Collection of Biodegradable Waste

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In the European Union and around the world, the amount of municipal solid waste is increasing year by year, half of this waste is compostable bio-waste. Among bio-waste, the amount of food waste is significant due to the growing population. Improperly utilized bio-waste can cause increased greenhouse gases, odour problems, and soil and water pollution. Centralised waste collection and recovery infrastructure cannot keep up with the rapidly growing amount of bio-waste, although there are many systems and solutions available for proper recycling.

This challenge has already been worked on in the E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021 and is open for further development.

Challenge questions from the E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021:

  • Which tools could be used to increase the efficiency of bio-waste collection and recycling?

  • What kind of novel systems can be developed from the already available tools such as decentralized systems, community solutions or bioplastics?

Full Challenge Video on YouTube:

This challenge was submitted in summer 2021.

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