Using AI to Find the Right Talents That Fit Our Company

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Apart from the 'early high-tech birds', Artificial Intelligence (AI) has just begun to make its appearance in the field of Human Resources (HR). Self-learning systems, in which algorithms make predictions about data, are starting to have an impact on candidate search and selection, while also predicting learning retention.​

As an SME in an Industry 4.0 landscape, ABN wants to explore the possibilities and advantages of AI in the field of HR. And this especially in small to medium-sized enterprises. In many companies, a lot of information is now lying around rotting. Information from which one can learn and which can provide important conclusions about the functioning of the SME.​

This challenge has already been worked on in the E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021 and is open for further development.

Challenge questions from the E³UDRES²Hackathon 2021:

  • How can AI help find the right talent that fits the profile of ABM Cleanroom company perfectly?​

  • How can SMEs and medium-sized companies make use of AI in their staff search?​

  • How can AI create a stronger connection between our company and our current staff?​

  • Can AI support SMEs who would like to engage in talent sharing?​

  • How can AI help as a Talent/Culture check in the matchmaking between employer and employee?​

  • Can AI be used to detect upcoming burn-outs, stress or dissatisfaction in the workplace?

Full Challenge Video on YouTube: 

This challenge was submitted in summer 2021.

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