E.I.N.S. Open Lectures

E.I.N.S., the E³UDRES² Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network for Smart and Sustainable European Regions, aims to enable new entrepreneurs to move forward with their vision.

E.I.N.S. Open Lectures Series consists of eight open, online and accessible lectures provided by the various experts, within the general scope to enhance entrepreneurial and innovation education, to identify challenges and opportunities for joint activities between European regions.

Open to all

All lecture sessions are hosted online in an interactive setting, with numerous questions and fun exercises using online tools to support the knowledge of the participants.


Thank you for participating in the E.I.N.S. Open Lectures in 2022!

E.I.N.S. will return with more Open Lectures in 2023.

Past E.I.N.S. open lectures

26 October 2022

Micro-Credentials and their role for our regions

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02 November 2022

Open Technologies and Innovation

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24 November 2022

New future and the new entrepreneur generation

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30 November 2022

Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship

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14 December 2022

Digital Media

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