E.I.N.S. Testimonials

To inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs, E.I.N.S. has identified local entrepreneurs with interesting backgrounds from all over Europe. Check out the businesses they work for and discover their story:

Name: Eva Wideman

Company: SpielZWEIG

Name: Hasan Süzen

Company: Beyond The Horizon

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Names: Erica Mbange Enanga, Tom Clerx, Milan Vossen & Milan Brouns

Company: Soapreme

Name: Christina Kuback

Company: ELISIA

Names: Lydia & Moritz Popp

Company: Loonity

Name: Roxana Damaschin-Țecu

Company: OilRight

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Name: Onu Laila

Company: Pentru Voi

Video coming soon

Name: Shaun Van Nerum

Company: Project Pura

Names: David Waerebeek, Hailu Du, Edward Timmermans & Luca Somers

Company: SMAK

Name: Inge Van Den Herrewegen

Company: Punta La Barca

Video coming soon

Name: Melanie Rieback

Company: Radically Open Security

Video coming soon

Name: Sauvik Das Gupta

Company: Fitsurance

Video coming soon

Name: Kutlu Tuna

Company: Learnable

Video coming soon

E.I.N.S. Testimonial Tuesday

In Autumn 2022, E.I.N.S. started the "Testimonial Tuesday" series on the E³UDRES² social media channels to give the spotlight to all the inspiring people and stories behind the businesses that have become E.I.N.S. Testimonials. Find the full posts on our E³UDRES² profiles on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn!

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