120 Students Came Together in Austria For Intensive I Living Labs

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences recently hosted the Intensive I Living Labs, a challenge-based event drawing in over 100 enthusiastic students from diverse backgrounds. Situated in the center of Austria, the campus buzzed with creative energy as students together worked on various challenges, such as "Revitalising Rural Areas", "Repairing and Reusing for a Greener Future", or "Fostering Better Food Choices". Taking place in parallel to the St. Pölten UAS International Week, the participants also had the chance to peek into some of the programme items offered there.

Exploring ideas, cities and history

The student teams were accompanied by the so-called Educational Entrepreneurs in their work. These coaches guide the teams in coming to a good solution for the challenge they are tackling. After delving into their solutions, the student teams enjoyed a variety of additional programme items free for them to join. A highlight was their tour through the city of St. Pölten, which even included a visit to the mayor's office, where Vice-Mayor Harald Ludwig provided insights into the city's history, governance and initiatives. Another day of the event brought students to Vienna, broadening their perspective beyond the campus boundaries. Adding a historical dimension to the experience, Leopold Kögler-Vencour, a staff member at St. Pölten UAS renowned for expertise in history, led the group through Austria's capital. His anecdotes and historical tidbits provided a captivating narrative, enriching the students' understanding as they ventured through the cityscapes.

Culminating in the much-anticipated I Living Lab Showdown, each group proudly presented their impressive concepts and findings. The interactive session welcomed questions from the audience, fostering lively discussions and exchanges of thought-provoking ideas. After an intense week that definitely lived up to its name, both students and organizers looked back at impressive outcomes and new connections made spanning over various European countries.


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