A Sneak Peek into E³UDRES² 2.0 at St. Pölten UAS Campus Talk

With the E³UDRES² European University entering its second phase under the leadership of St. Pölten UAS, many new opportunities are in the pipeline for the coming years. E³UDRES² member Giuliana Sabbatini from St. Pölten UAS wraps up the past years of activities in the E³UDRES² Alliance and discusses future plans with podcast host Anna Michalski in the latest edition of the Campus Talk.

Giuliana Sabbatini is the head of the Service and Competence Centre for Higher Education Development and Quality Management at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. In addition, she is responsible for strategy development within E³UDRES², and was one of the driving forces behind the ideas and content that made it into the final proposal for E³UDRES² 2.0.

The Campus Talk is a podcast series hosted by St. Pölten UAS. It covers topics from all around the campus, ranging from Artificial Intelligence to latest trends in healthcare. Episodes usually span over 20 minutes and are recorded in German.

Listen to the podcast episode with Giuliana Sabbatini here (German):


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