E.I.N.S. at EIT HEI Initiative 2024 Pilot Phase Conclusion Event in Brussels

The EIT (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) HEI Initiative held its Pilot Phase Conclusion Event on the 3rd and 4th of June 2024 in Brussels, Belgium. This invitation-only event brought together 250 representatives from the initiative's 65 projects spanning all three cohorts of the Pilot Phase, alongside the entire initiative management team, representatives from each EIT KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Communities), and external stakeholders. The event marked a highlight for the initiative and its community, also serving as an occasion to celebrate the achievements of the Pilot Phase while also setting the stage for the future direction of the Initiative.

The primary goal of the event was to nurture a sense of community among the HEI Initiative Projects and the broader European higher education ecosystem. Structured to facilitate discussions and collaborations among projects, it aimed to contribute to the collective knowledge of the initiative.

Iveta Putnina (Vidzeme UAS), Hannes Raffaseder (St. Pölten UAS), Eva Nikolopolou (St. Pölten UAS) and Katrien Vandael (UC Leuven-Limburg UAS) at the event in Brussels.

Discovering a multitute of activities

Participants had the opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned during the pilot phase and gain insights into the next steps as the HEI Initiative progresses beyond its initial stage. The diverse representation across all levels of the Initiative provided a valuable platform for co-creation and learning. Highlights of the event included institutional keynotes and presentations showcasing success stories from the Pilot Phase. Networking sessions and a poster session offered avenues for project participants to forge new connections and explore potential collaborations with new partners.

During the event, a panel discussion titled "Policy Panel: What to Expect in 2030" took place, featuring contributions from various representatives including Hannes Raffaseder of St. Pölten UAS. The discussion delved into placing the HEI Initiative within the broader policy landscape. Representatives from Vidzeme UAS, Latvia, UC Leuven-Limburg UAS, Belgium, and St. Pölten UAS, were also present at the event, representing E.I.N.S. as part of the E³UDRES² network.


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