E.I.N.S. Augmented Reality Workshop: Unlocking the Innovative Future of Storytelling

On June 1st, the workshop organized by E.I.N.S. in collaboration with ARTIVIVE and SMARTUP was held at St. Pölten UAS, Austria. Hosted by Sergiu Ardelean from ARTIVIVE, the event aimed to introduce participants to the possibilities and applications of Augmented Reality (AR) in the business context with a focus on innovative storytelling for start-ups and companies. Sergiu Ardelean presented business cases and best practices of how to use AR by explaining its functionality and impact. He highlighted the diverse applications of AR across different fields and emphasized the importance of user experience (UX) and storytelling when using AR applications.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Case studies of successful AR implementations for different business applications were presented, showcasing how AR can enhance customer experiences, create interactive advertising campaigns, and optimize employee training programs. These best cases and real-world examples provided valuable insights into the potential of AR for start-ups and companies. In live demonstrations, participants discovered the integration of AR in action, by using the ARTIVIVE platform. They created an AR application in real-time, allowing participants to see the practical application of the technology for they business services and/or products.

Impressions from the workshop held at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences, Austria.

Using the power of AR

The workshop allowed to share hints and tricks on how to create an effective AR integration, including best practices and common mistakes to avoid. The facilitator provided guidance on leveraging the power of AR to enhance digital narratives and engage customer audiences.

In the final part of the workshop, participants had the opportunity to create their own AR project. Under the guidance of the facilitator, participants explored tools and features and developed their own AR project. The AR Workshop provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of augmented reality technology and its potential for (their won) business applications. Through hands-on activities and discussions, participants gained practical experience and insights into utilizing AR to enhance storytelling and engage customers and employees.


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