ESNA Panel Discussion w/ Hannes Raffaseder

E³UDRES² is happy to announce that project lead Hannes Raffaseder will be joining a panel debate hosted by ESNA European Higher Education News next week. The discussion titled "Powers of the Periphery. How networking empowers regions and fosters creativity" will host a round of experts in the field of higher education:

  • Hannes Raffaseder, project lead of the E³UDRES² alliance and Chief Research and Innovation Officer at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences

  • Elena Theodoropoulou, Associate Professor at University of the Aegean in Greece

  • Rónán Ó Muirthile, educator from the Institute of Art Design and Technology in Dublin, Ireland; also a part of the FILMEU Alliance

  • Audronė Telešienė, professor in sociology and communication at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania

  • Eric Tschirhart, Professor at the University of Luxembourg and Special Advisor to the rector for the university alliance UNIVERSEH

  • Florian Schweigert, coordinator of the EDUC Alliance

  • Peter van der Hijden, independent higher education strategy advisor with a background of working in the European Commission

The online event moderated by ESNA founder Tino Brömme will be live on 29 June. Tune in and follow the event via ESNA's YouTube Livestream:


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