E³UDRES² Alliance Establishes Association to Strengthen Long-Term Commitment

The E³UDRES² alliance, centering around connecting nine higher education institutions within Europe, has taken another significant step in strengthening its partnership: With the founding of an E³UDRES² association, the network now established its first legal entity. The association serves as an umbrella organization, dedicated to further deepening the strategic collaboration and supporting relevant activities of its full partner higher education institutions united within the E³UDRES² alliance. This step not only bears a strong symbolic significance, but also brings the alliance further in terms of an even stronger sharing of capacities, resources and concepts developed jointly by the alliance.

The association's concept and horizon extend beyond the Erasmus+ funding phase alone, reflecting the alliance’s long-term vision. This allows for more transparent roles and responsibilities in alliance governance, as well as potential engagement in other projects, initiatives, and partnerships at a European and even global level.

The E³UDRES² Managing Board (left to right): Hannes Raffaseder (St. Pölten UAS), Karim Khakzar (Fulda UAS), Agnese Dāvidsone (Vidzeme UAS), Michal Karpíšek (St. Pölten UAS), and Gabriele Permoser (St. Pölten UAS).

A Milestone for the E³UDRES² Alliance

Founded under Austrian Law and situated in St. Pölten, the association extends its reach across Europe. It is represented by a recently elected Managing Board: Hannes Raffaseder (CEO of St. Pölten UAS) has been elected President, supported by Vice-Presidents Karim Khakzar (President of Fulda UAS) and Agnese Dāvidsone (Rector of Vidzeme UAS). Michal Karpíšek (Senior Policy Advisor at St. Pölten UAS) will serve as the Secretary General, and Gabriele Permoser (Head of the Center for Research and Cooperation at St. Pölten UAS) takes the role of Managing Director.

"I am immensely happy to announce the establishment of the E³UDRES² Association, a further important milestone for the E³UDRES² Alliance", states Hannes Raffaseder. "This association stands as a testament to our commitment to further work on our collective objectives, enhancing regionally anchored, but internationally connected higher education, and fostering a robust support system for the E³UDRES² Alliance. Having this legal framework helps us in solidifying our collaborative efforts, providing legal representation, and fostering a unified voice for all full partners."

With the newly founded association, the E³UDRES² Alliance starts into its fourth year of operation, further developing its student-centered formats as well as many other strategic advancements.


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