E³UDRES² at the 32nd Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition in Barcelona

The 32nd Annual EAIE – European Association for International Education Conference and Exhibition, took place between 13–16 September 2022 in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. During the Europe’s largest international education event of the year, E³UDRES² was promoted by the participating partners STPUAS, UPT, UCLL, MATE, FULDA, and SAXION.

All E³UDRES² alliance members had appointed meetings with academic and non-academic professionals with best practices and workable solutions to internationalization challenges. E³UDRES² was presented as a valuable alliance for the key stakeholder organizations and institutions, promoting the interests in advanced international higher education. The invited participants appreciated E³UDRES² for its involvement in the activities with high impact that responds to the social, environmental and economic challenges. The I Living Labs implemented by our alliance were highly appreciated as a good example for a future society in progressive European regions with good connection to the activities of research, innovation, education and service provided for the community. In short, E³UDRES² was recognized for the dedicated activities performed for promoting and driving responsible international education in Europe and beyond.

The participation at the social events was also a good opportunity for the attendees to meet each other, discover the diversity of their cultures and identify different ways of actions, intercultural competences and experiences to offer to our future students and learners.

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