E³UDRES² at International Training For Countering Disinformation and Hate Speech in Universities

E³UDRES² played an important role in a recent International Training for University Members by Civil Society Activists, held from October 18 to 20, 2023. The event, hosted by Politehnica University Timisoara, Romania, in partnership with SoWiBeFo, employed a blended approach, consisting of three days of face-to-face sessions and an additional eight hours of online learning over four weeks. The primary objective of this training was to promote respectful communication, combat disinformation, and address hate speech within the academic realm. It served as a platform for bridging the gap between academic and non-academic perspectives, transferring valuable experiences from civil society organizations to university staff.

Civil society activists, who are often not affiliated with universities, shared their insights and strategies for handling harassment, bullying, and misinformation in virtual spaces, enriching the training with real-world experiences. This collaborative effort resulted in the formation of a robust core group dedicated to countering hate speech and fostering respectful communication within the university-public sphere. The training involved various participants, including advanced students, university staff, and faculty from different institutions, with guidance from two trainers representing SoWiBeFo.

E³UDRES²' active participation in this transformative event underscores its dedication to shaping a more respectful and informed academic environment. These training activities align with the mission of the E³UDRES² Alliance, which prioritizes collaboration and innovation in higher education.


➝ RespectNET - Respectful Communication through Media Education Network

➝ Politehnica University Timisoara


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