E³UDRES² Attracted Many Visitors in Austrian "Long Night of Research"

On May 24, 2024, Austria's "Long Night of Research" once again opened the doors of research facilities across the nation, inviting the public to explore and engage with researchers as well as the latest scientific advancements. This biennial event provides an unique opportunity to witness innovative research being conducted in Austria across a wide range of disciplines. By fostering direct interaction between researchers and visitors, the event aims to get the public closer to science and highlight its significance in everyday life.

St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences was among the many institutions participating in this year's event: Throughout the campus, visitors were able to discover labs, test their skills, and see if they have what it takes to become a researcher themselves. E³UDRES² was present at the event with a booth providing various fun activities for the diverse group of visitors: For example, a big touchscreen offered the opportunity to take part in a mini-version of the E³UDRES² Science Pub Quiz. This served as a warm-up for the evening, when a full-sized edition of the engaging format was set to take place in the university's "Future Lab". Winners of the mini Pub Quiz got to enjoy a selection of sweets from all around the E³UDRES² countries, ranging from Dutch Kruidnoten to Latvian Gotina, a sweet milk toffee.

Vistors at the E³UDRES² Booth testing their knowledge at the "Mini Science Pub Quiz". (c) Ramona Mauthner

An engaging evening for all

As the evening drew to a close, the grand finale of the event at St. Pölten UAS was the E³UDRES² Science Pub Quiz. Hosted with dimmed lights and a bar constructed especially for the event, the event brought the pub experience to the campus. With a great atmosphere and eight teams competing to win the main prize, the quiz ended with a neck-and-neck race, having four teams landing on the same amount of points. The quick answer to a final additional question about E³UDRES² ultimately brought victory to an Austrian family who eagerly participated in the quiz.

The E³UDRES² team already looks forward to the next edition of the "Long Night of Research", set to take place in 2026. Further editions of the E³UDRES² Science Pub Quiz take place regularly across all E³UDRES² institutions - more information is available here.


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