E³UDRES² Booth at the "Tage Kreativer Räume" in Fulda

On May 15th 2024, at the E³UDRES² booth during the "Tage Kreativer Räume" ("Days of Creative Spaces") at the "Kaufhaus KARL" in Fulda, visitors had the opportunity to explore a variety of interactive activities and extensive information material to learn more about the European Union and its benefits. From engaging trivia games to informative brochures and flyers, the activities on offer were varied and aimed to raise awareness of the role of the EU in everyday life. A particular focus was on sensitizing voters to the upcoming EU elections and informing them about the importance of these elections.

The main intention of the booth was to make people aware of the numerous benefits that the EU offers. These range from economic and social benefits to topics such as freedom of travel, educational opportunities and protection rights within the EU. Close cooperation with the Europe Direct Center Fulda ensured that all information was up-to-date and relevant.

Inspiring opportunities for visitors

The "Tage kreativer Räume", which are taking place from 13 May to 2 June 2024, are placing the work of the Hessian creative centers and projects in the spotlight for the first time. With over 20 program points at eight different locations, interested visitors can discover the diversity of Hessen's cultural and creative industries and exchange ideas with those involved. Participating locations and initiatives include the Nachrichtenmeisterei in Kassel, the Lokschuppen in Marburg, the raumstation3539 in Giessen, the Konzeptkaufhaus KARL in Fulda, the Hafentor in Hanau, the Massif Central in Frankfurt, the Heimathafen in Wiesbaden and the PaMo Parkour in Darmstadt.

The aim is to intensify the networking of initiatives and centers and to make the role of the cultural and creative industries in the context of urban spatial design more tangible for the public. Visitors should be inspired to learn from each other and recognize the importance of creative spaces for social and economic development.

E³UDRES²'s presence at the "Tage kreativer Räume" is fitting, as both initiatives promote education, innovation, and creative collaboration. E³UDRES²'s commitment to European integration through education and research aligns with the event's goal of fostering networking and exchange within the creative industries. This connection between European policies and local creative industries encourages citizens to engage in shaping their future within the EU, enhancing appreciation for the EU's role in promoting innovation and cultural exchange.


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