E³UDRES² members have started their positions at EURASHE

The E³UDRES² team is very happy to announce that Armando Pires of the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, who also works on the topic of "Future Universities" in E³UDRES², was elected as the new president of EURASHE (European Association of Institutions in Higher Education) in May. As an Associated Partner of E³UDRES², EURASHE is an important partner of our European University Alliance already. But that's not the only great news we have: Hannes Raffaseder, our E³UDRES² project lead, was also elected to the Board of EURASHE, where he will be able to discuss lots of ideas with experienced colleagues in order to be able to shape the future of "Professional Higher Education" and to develop EURAHSE even further in the next two years.

The whole team of E³UDRES² wishes our two colleagues all the best and a successful collaboration with EURASHE!

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