E³UDRES² Presented Student Opportunities at St. Pölten UAS open.day

On 15 March, St. Pölten UAS opened its doors to interested individuals aiming to study at its campus located in the center of Lower Austria. With the diverse array of study programmes, ranging from nursing to media technology, railway technology and many more, the visitors attending had the chance to fully explore the two campus buildings with its impressive facilities, equipment and labs. Among the booths and presentations showcasing the various study programmes, also the formats offered by E³UDRES² were presented. A booth located right at the entrance area of the campus greeted visitors and gave the opportunity to discover more information about the alliance, as well as its various event formats like Bootcamps, I Living Labs and many others more.

The diverse opportunities E³UDRES² brings to the individuals looking to study a St. Pölten UAS caught the attention of many visitors. The idea of studying abroad or just attending shorter educational formats away from their home country resonated with the guests - especially the possibility of short mobilities. The fact that the E³UDRES² formats are open to all students, across backgrounds and study fields, was perceived as very positive. E³UDRES², through its presence at the event, emphasized the importance of global exposure in education. The short-term mobility programs offered a glimpse into a world where students could broaden their perspectives and academic horizons beyond their immediate surroundings.


➝ St. Pölten UAS


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