E³UDRES² Showcased at International Digital Skills Workshop by Politehnica University Timisoara

Politehnica University Timișoara recently hosted its eighth "Digital Skills for Culture & Creative Industries Workshop," a global collaboration featuring experts worldwide. The event, integrated into the cultural project "Spotlight Heritage Timișoara," explored cutting-edge developments in digital competencies. In addition, the workshop delved into digital skills for culture and creative industries, and also spotlighted the initiative of the E³UDRES² Alliance.

National and international specialists (from the USA, Austria, Holland, Norway, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Romania), students and experts, demonstrated through practical examples the impact that digital skills can have in culture, creative industries , education and how they can drive innovation. Prof. Dr. Radu Vasiu, representing UPT, provided valuable insights into E³UDRES², emphasizing its pivotal role in advancing digital competencies.

Participants from around the world

With over 50 participants physically present at UPT's Conference Center and 750 online attendees (via Zoom and Facebook), the workshop served as a dynamic hub for collaboration. The hybrid format allowed a diverse audience to engage in discussions on the future of digital education. Case studies on digitalization's impact on education and culture were explored.

The broader vision of the E³UDRES² Alliance continues to drive positive changes in digital education. The workshop underscored UPT and E³UDRES²'s commitment to advancing digital competencies and fostering international collaboration. E³UDRES², an integral part of the workshop's visual identity, played a significant role in shaping the discussions and outcomes of this event.


➝ Politehnica University Timisoara: Event Article


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