E³UDRES² Showcased in Vietnam-Romania Collaboration

Throughout the workshop between the universities of the Romanian Alliance of Science and Technology Universities and the Group G7 of Technical Universities from the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, held at the Technical University of Construction Bucharest (UTCB) on Monday, January 22, 2024, Politehnica University Timisoara (UPT) presented its collaboration offer in three directions: student exchanges, cooperation at the level of academic staff, and possibilities for joint research and development.

In conjunction with this event, UPT entered into a memorandum of collaboration with Saigon International University, thereby strengthening international academic relations and fostering new opportunities for cooperation in the educational field for students and teaching staff from both institutions. Highlighted during the meeting was UPT's affiliation with the E³UDRES² Alliance, offering a platform to discuss the objectives outlined in the second funding phase of E³UDRES² and to disseminate the results obtained in its initial phase.

leveraging international collaboration

At the ceremony held on the same day at the Government of Romania, in the presence of the Prime Ministers of both countries, Prof. Dr. Daniel Dan, Vice-Rector of Politehnica University Timișoara, facilitated the exchange of signed documents with Mr. Pham Quy Ty, Chancellor of Saigon International University.

Participation in these events reaffirms the E³UDRES² alliance's dedication to sustainable development and quality education, leveraging international collaboration as a driver for global progress.


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