E³UDRES² Showcased Opportunities for Students at St. Pölten UAS bachelor.day

Individuals aiming to study in Austria had the chance to get to know the diverse study programmes of St. Pölten UAS at their annual bachelor.day. Among the booths and presentations showcasing study programmes like Marketing & Communications, Physiotherapy, Railway Technologies or IT Security, also the formats offered by E³UDRES² were presented. A booth located right at the entrance area of the campus greeted visitors and gave the opportunity to discover how Bootcamps, I Living Labs and other event formats offered by E³UDRES² work.

Interested guests had the opportunity to get to know the various E³UDRES² formats during the bachelor.day

Exploring Europe

Visited by many guests, visitors to the booth were intrigued by the prospects of international mobility programs, recognizing the value they could add to their educational experience. The idea of studying abroad and the chance to engage with different cultures and academic settings resonated with many guests, sparking their interest. E³UDRES², through its presence at the event, emphasized the importance of global exposure in education. The short-term mobility programs offered a glimpse into a world where students could broaden their perspectives and academic horizons beyond their immediate surroundings.

The St. Pölten UAS bachelor.day encouraged attendees to consider the diverse educational paths available, hinting at a future where academic pursuits know no boundaries within Europe.


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