E³UDRES² supports Startup Village Initiative

Experiencing the innovation-spirit in Spain

On 6 September 2022, E³UDRES² representatives made their way to the Spanish city of Salamanca to attend Startup OLÉ 2022 - a tech-event connecting startups, interesting speakers and investors. The visit not only was an impressive showcase of European up-and-coming businesses, but also offered the opportunity to exchange ideas with EU-commissioner Mariya Gabriel: E³UDRES² together with five other European University Alliances ( eut+ Alliance, UNIgreen Alliance, EBU Alliance, EU Green Alliance, and Invest Alliance) delivered a Vision Statement to EU-Commissioner Mariya Gabriel to express support for the Startup Village Initiative launched by the EU. The six Alliances will follow the invitation and combine their strengths across the Alliances to boost innovation in rural areas.

E³UDRES² Senior Policy Officer Michal Karpisek with Commissioner Gabriel. (c) Startup Olé Accelerator

Joined forces for rural areas

All six Alliances supporting the initiative represent 44 higher education institutions across Europe, and they intend to use this critical mass to create effective actions in this newly founded hub. E³UDRES² can not only contribute to the innovation power of the network with its various events like Bootcamps or Hackathons, but also through the sub-project E.I.N.S., which especially focuses on topics like entrepreneurship and innovation. The next milestone for the network network is to have frequent talks with the European Commission and develop policy recommendations. E³UDRES² also used the opportunity to present its commitment in written form to commissioner Gabriel, who was very pleased with the dedication the Alliance has shown already.

Representatives of the newly founded network gathered for a group picture. (c). Startup Olé Accelerator

The full Vision Statement by the six European University Alliances collaborating can be found in full here. Find out more about the innovation activities organized by E³UDRES² here.


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