E³UDRES² Team Planning Regional Innovation Hubs Discussed Future Plans at Saxion UAS

In the beginning of December, the E³UDRES² team working on the topic of "Regional Innovation Hubs" met at Saxion UAS, the Netherlands. The meeting brought participants from all E³UDRES² institutions together, with some members joining the programme prepared in the city of Enschede remotely. Over the course of three days, participants engaged in team-building activities, worked on updates for their work plan, and specifically focussed on the setup of Regional Innovation Hubs - spaces located at each partnering university that should foster entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking and skills, and encourage students and others to actively come up with innovative and entrepreneurial concepts. Discussions included financial aspects, Innovation Hub pitches, and a review of the state of innovation from the past years within E³UDRES². The meeting also involved planning for the upcoming academic year and a strategic wrap-up.

The team took a tour through the Connect-U building in Enschede, quickly stopping at the "Ondernemersbar" for a group picture.

Building Innovation Hubs

During the meeting days, the team got together and had various discussions over meals, became aquainted with the Saxion community, as well as students and the campus facilities. Furthermore, Saxion planned out detailed sessions and Innovation Hub tours on the second day. The final day covered project finalization, discussions on lean methodologies, and organizational planning.

After the three days, participants agreed that the purpose of the meeting was definitely achieved: The team was able to foster collaboration, strengthen connections, understand Innovation Hub priorities, and finalize plans for the upcoming academic year. "Experiencing the great possibilities the Saxion campus has to offer first-hand was really impressive. Their strong focus on entrepreneurial education was especially evident when we enjoyed a tour through Connect-U, a former hospital now being used as a multi-purpose building, providing offices to local companies, various labs for Saxion students, student housing and much more", states Ramona Mauthner from St. Pölten UAS, Austria. "With Saxion's experience, and their knowledge about how to successfully connect students, regional players, and  businesses, we are well-equipped to set up solid Innovation Hubs at the E³UDRES² institutions." The meeting provided a comprehensive overview and strategic direction for the ongoing project. The group is excited excited to see the developments within the Innovation Hubs unravel in the future.


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