European University Alliances Express Need for Systemic Long-Term Funding In Joint Statement

In a statement released in late September, European University Alliances jointly request systemic funding for the long-term sustainability of the networks. Currently, the alliances are supported based on an Erasmus+ funding model, which extends most likely until 2028/29. With the building up of alliances being very long-term processes that also affect the individual institutions' strategies and priorities, the existing European University Alliances call on EU Commissioner Iliana Ivanova to discuss future support opportunities. "As mentioned by Vice-President Schinas in Barcelona, the European Universities initiative is not a project, but a long-term transformational process. In this context, the European Universities alliances highlighted last year their need for sustainable and holistic support", the statement reads.

The joint statement was coordinated by FOREU, a network uniting European University alliances. It was adopted jointly by all alliances and delivered to Commissioner Ivanova.


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