First E³UDRES² General Assembly: A Significant Step Towards the European University of The Future

From March 5th to 6th, 2024, Politehnica University Timișoara hosted the inaugural E³UDRES² General Assembly within the current funding phase of the E³UDRES² alliance. The event brought together members of the various boards including student representatives, members of the E³UDRES² Head Office in Austria, as well as associated partners.

After successfully achieving its objectives in the first stage, the E³UDRES² alliance aims to expand, focusing on the vision of the university of the future as a driver for the development of smart and sustainable European regions, while also promoting a new university culture more anchored in regional settings and offering solutions for society. Representatives from partner universities emphasized the importance of innovation in the served regions and the creation of a university of the future, adapted to market demands and societal needs.

The E³UDRES² General Assembly focused on several major topics related to promoting innovation in the regions served by partner universities, creating the university of the future, and establishing a multi-university European campus together. Participants from all nine European university partners discussed the next steps for the alliance and the establishment of future plans and actions. These include setting up common study programs and degrees, creating centers of excellence, and developing the multi-university European campus. To implement these goals, several discussion focus groups were created on specific topics, aiming to support and clarify the activities and next steps of the network: Digitalization, the Talent Funnel, Mobility, the E³UDRES² Label, Student Engagement, a Common Research Strategy, Quality Assurance, as well as the E³UDRES² Communication Strategy were discoussed in multi-disciplinary teams.

E³UDRES² members working on various pressing topics such as the communication strategy or student engagement in the focus tables.

Panel Discussions & exploring Timisoara

The E³UDRES² Board of Student Representatives also played a significant role in the General Assembly: In various board meetings, the students discussed their priorities and how they want to collaborate with the different E³UDRES² teams in the most effective way. In a panel discussion, the students shared their viewpoints on how they can contribute to creating a strong European University Alliance. The Board of Student Representatives is composed of students from all partner institutions and represents the interests of students from all E³UDRES² universities.

Intensive work and debates in focus groups were complemented by moments of relaxation, during which guests from partner universities visited Timișoara and Politehnica University Campus. This allowed them to acquaint themselves with the history of the oldest institution of higher education in the western region of the country. They also gained insight into the current situation, where the Politehnica University Timisoara is deeply rooted in local needs, whether economic, through strong collaborations with major companies in the area, or in sports and culture, as evidenced by events and projects conducted during the year of the European Capital of Culture. Strenghtened through this intensive meeting, the E³UDRES² team looks forward to many further joint activities ahead.

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