First E³UDRES² Research Living Labs

From 7 to 15 June 2021, the first online meetings of the E³UDRES² Living Labs took place - virtually, of course. The event featured meetings and presentations that were open to all interested people from the E³UDRES² partner universities. The offered talks marked a great opportunity for everyone interested to learn more about E³UDRES², as well as to hear how anyone can actively contribute to the project and thus help develop a smart and sustainable region themselves.

During Workshops on the topics of Circular City and Sustainable Mobility, participants were asked to bring along pictures of good practices and challenges for the respective theme.

Here's what the participants came up with:

Another main part of the E³UDRES² Living Labs were internal meetings especially for researchers contributing to E³UDRES². The researchers involved in E³UDRES² will work closely with stakeholders, citizens and students on the joint development of R&D projects.

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