First meetings of E³UDRES² Boards

The beginning of June 2021 brought some important events for E³UDRES² - both the E³UDRES² Board of Student Representatives and the E³UDRES² Advisory Board met for the first time. Although both meetings could not be held as in-person events, the virtual encounters were just as good for enabling the participants to have a fruitful exchange.

The E³UDRES² Advisory Board is composed of high-level individuals coming from different backgrounds and different fields of expertise, such as regional development, digitalization or consulting. The members of the Advisory Board come from each of the six E³UDRES² member institutions' countries and shall support E³UDRES² and its mission with their knowledge.

A completely different type of support for E³UDRES² is expected by the E³UDRES² Board of Student Representatives. In their first meeting, representatives of each E³UDRES² partner institution met to discuss their expectations towards universities from a students' point of view. During different discussion sessions, different topics were handled.

The graphic below shows an example of what the Board of Student Representatives believes that the "university of the future" will be described as:

The next meetings both of the E³UDRES² Advisory Board and the Board of Student Representatives will take place later this year.

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