Introducing the new E³UDRES² Language & Country Guides

Where should I bring enough cash?

How much should I tip in Austria?

What Orthodox festivities are there in Romania?

Why should I try "Metworst" when I visit the Netherlands?

How do I say "thanks" in portugese?

Introducing the Language & Country Guides, which give you the answers to these questions and more at a glance! Your essential companion when travelling abroad for E³UDRES² events or business trips: packed with translations of key phrases in the local languages and valuable travel tips, these one-pagers - available for each E³UDRES² country - are designed to make your trip (preparation) smoother and more enjoyable. The travel tips include information on must-see places, local costums and traditions, and festivities.

This initiative comes from the Capacity Building Work Package (WP7) and is the result of the collective work of all WP members. Together with other activities, such as language courses in local languages and English, which will soon be open to E³UDRES² partners, the one-pagers aim to strengthen multilingualism and intercultural understanding within the Alliance. Stay tuned for more information!

E³UDRES² staff can access the Language & Country Guides directly here. Other interested parties should email Katrine Kukoja to receive the One-pagers.

Don't miss out on this valuable resource - please feel free to share it with students and colleagues to enhance both yours and their travel preparations. Get ready to explore with confidence!


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