Change cornEr activities @ Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Starting from October 2021, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences (ViA) is involved in the E³UDRES² internal project “Change cornEr” together with other partners of WP4 from the research network of Circular Economy. One of the internal project’s aims is to develop and establish a physical Change cornEr hub also in the premises of ViA.

The Change cornEr hub is planned as an informative and activity-based centre/space. This hub should be accessible for groups of ViA staff, students, stakeholders, Valmiera city municipality and other governmental institutions, and active citizens. The placement of the physical Change cornEr hub is pending at the moment, since the establishment of it will be decided by the ViA administration within 2022.

In order to initiate this hub and start the Change cornEr activities at ViA, representatives of the institution initiated a meeting with the local community and ViA Eco council representatives in order to pitch and promote this idea. The first meeting took place on December 15th 2021, where ViA students and representatives of various green organizations expressed their deep interest in the establishment of a physical Change cornEr hub. Possible places were identified and will be further discussed at the next meeting, which will take place on February 16th 2022. The ViA Eco council suggested to include master’s students from the domain of Business Environment Administration in order to assist with the further development of the hub.


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