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Second E³UDRES² Research Living Labs @ Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal

From May 2nd to 6th, the Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal will host the 2nd edition of the Research Living Labs, dedicated to Research and Development (R&D). 

Promoted under the E³UDRES² alliance, the initiative extends throughout the following week with two online sessions: the Stakeholders' Market, on May 10 (Tuesday), and the Researchers' Market, on May 12 (Thursday). 

The event, which will involve representatives from all six E³UDRES² partner institutions, will feature sessions open to the public and others in which researchers will work on developing R&D projects together with stakeholders, citizens and students. This is an opportunity to enhance the community's involvement in the alliance and to learn more about the E³UDRES² Alliance and how, through it, one can contribute to the development of a true European campus and a more intelligent, sustainable and international Setúbal region. 

The following sessions are open to participation:

  • First plenary session on Monday, May 2, from 09:00-12:30 (WEST) through this link to MS Teams

  • Second plenary session on Thursday, May 5, from 09:30-12:10 (WEST) through this link to MS Teams

  • II Seminar on Circular Economy in the Setúbal region, on Friday, May 6th, at 14h30 (WEST) at ESTBarreiro/IPS, Portugal.

  • Market of Researchers, on May 12th through this link to MS Teams (Circular Economy at 14:00 (WEST), Well-Being and Ageing at 14h50 (WEST) and Human Contribution to Artificial Intelligence at 15:40 (WEST).

This is an opportunity for anyone from the E³UDRES² community to find out more about the Alliance and how one can more actively contribute to its development. Together, we will create the E³UDRES² European Campus and contribute to the development of smarter, more sustainable and international regions. 

Information for researchers

If you are developing research activities and are interested in being involved in the E³UDRES² research networks, do not hesitate to register in the E³UDRES² Bank of Researchers so you can get involved! Find more information here.

Find the full programme of the E³UDRES² Living Labs here:


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