European healthcare systems face increasing pressure due to ageing populations and the rise of chronic diseases. The Covid-19 pandemic has even aggravated the situation, also because it led to a higher number of undiagnosed and untreated medical conditions. The report ‘Health in the 21st Century’ regards digital technologies as a means to cope with these and future challenges and as a driver of transformation in the health sector. This, however, requires coordinated efforts of digital health Universities as key knowledge stakeholders in the European innovation ecosystem.

The UASHome project aims to promote Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) as innovation and entrepreneurship centers for Digital Health. The project investigates the UAS incubation processes, gathers best practices from UAS incubators in the regional and European level, and creates a program that every UAS incubator could use to further develop their incubation processes. With its four project partners, UASHome aims to create a peer-learning community of UAS incubators and their regional stakeholders. Entrepreneurial mindsets and activities are built together with both students and academic staff members.

Promoting Universities of Applied Sciences as innovation and entrepreneurship centres for Digital Health

The UAShome project aims to enable higher education institutions to be in the front seat of digital health innovation.

Innovation in Digital Health

UASHome aims to create an Incubator Boost Program to optimize UAS incubation processes inside the European Union. The project strives to build a regional and European innovation community filled with entrepreneurial minds in the sphere of Digital Health.

Aims & Actions of UASHome

1. Best practices, community building, Digital Health innovations

2. Offering training opportunities to support incubator activities

3. Facilitating interactions between aspiring entrepreneurs

4. Promoting entrepreneurship in Digital Health

5. Involving stakeholders of UAS incubators

6. Sharing results of the project

In additon, UAShome aims to:

  • Investigate the status quo of UAS home-based incubation processes

  • Set up a peer-learning community of regional UAS and their incubators

  • improve entrepreneurship and incubation arms in Digital Health

  • support professional development of the staff at and affiliated to incubators, entrepreneurship centers and departments

  • build a regional and European innovation community that promotes entrepreneurship in Digital Health and engagement with SMEs, hospitals, municipality, care facilities, mentors, investors etc.

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UASHome is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
Project Runtime: 01 September 2022 - 31 August 2024.


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