E³UDRES² Bootcamp 2024


Sign up here for the E³UDRES² Bootcamp 2024, taking place from 01-05 July in Limburg, Belgium!

Applications are possible until May 17, 2024, 16:00 (CEST). After the selection process, successful applicants will be contacted in the last week of May. Please note that all fields marked with * are required.

If you have any questions, you can contact us via office@eudres.eu.

General Information

Motivation & Expectations

Please submit your motivation by answering the six questions below. Use a maximum of 100 words in each answer.

E³UDRES² is a purpose-driven Alliance based on collective power, knowledge and experience. What is your purpose or drive, and how do you use it to make a change?*

The Bootcamp is going to be an intense five-day experience. You will have to create and finish a product/prototype initiated by other students. What do you find appealing about this concept, and why do you want to sign up?*

The topic of the Bootcamp involves the healthcare industry, AI and how to combine the two. What is your link with AI and Healthcare?*

Besides a unique experience and creating a product/prototype supported by the workshops and inspiration we provide you with, you will also learn other things. What do you hope to learn by taking part in the Bootcamp other than in-depth knowledge or skills?*

You will, of course, not create the product/prototype on your own. You will work together in teams and tackle this as a group. What part of your study background will be an added value to your team? And what do you think is a unique skill or talent that you have that will be beneficial for your team?*

What kind of project and/or teamwork experiences do you have? This can be anything you at the university and outside of the university.*

Privacy & Further Information

Which other E³UDRES² events have you participated in already? (if applicable)

For students of Fulda UAS only: Please upload your certificate of study ("Studienbescheinigung") here.