E³UDRES² Alliance welcomes Jyväskylä UAS as ninth partner

After announcing that Fulda University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and Saxion University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) will be joining the E³UDRES² Alliance as additional partners earlier this year, the alliance is excited to reveal that a ninth higher education institution will join the network: Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences, based in Finland, has been selected to join the E³UDRES² consortium. Starting out as another new Associated Partner and becoming a full member of the consortium by the end of 2023, the E³UDRES² network is already excited to benefit from the large circle of new experts and thus from new innovative power in terms of teaching and research.

Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (Finland) will join the E³UDRES² Alliance. Picture (c) Jari Kuskelin

Enhanced capacities

With Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) joining E³UDRES², the Alliance will break the 100.000+ student mark of all its institutions combined, and greatly benefit from JAMK's focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and trying out new approaches. The institution founded in 1994 offers various Bachelors' and Masters' Programmes and defined "Creating Competence" as its mission. In terms of research, Jyväskylä UAS focuses on topics that are of great relevance in E³UDRES² as well - Bioeconomy, Innovative Learning and Automation & Robotics are just a few of the themes the university is working on.

As regulations only allow the new institutions to join the E³UDRES² alliance after the current project period has ended in September 2023, JAMK, as well as Fulda UAS and Saxion UAS, will start out joining E³UDRES² as Associated Partners, but will already attend Work Package and Board meetings to get to know the processes and team members in E³UDRES².


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