"What Does The EU Mean To YOU?"

Winners of EU Matters Video Competition Selected

The Video Competition “What does EU mean to you?” recently came to an end as the top entries were selected by a jury of various members of the E³UDRES² alliance. With the call for submissions asking participants to showcase their personal perspectives on the European Union, the competition garnered an array of creative and personal videos from across various countries and European University Alliances. Young creators of powerful messages, aged between 17 and 29, came from 11 countries to express their vision of the EU. Additionally, students from two other European Alliances were present to lend their valuable perspectives. From heartfelt testimonials to animated explanations, the submissions showcased the diverse ways in which individuals perceive the EU and its significance in their lives. Themes ranged from solidarity and cooperation to cultural diversity and economic opportunities, reflecting the multifaceted nature of the European project.

After careful consideration, the jury, composed of Hannes Raffaseder (President of the E³UDRES² Alliance & EURASHE), Karina Lapina (Chair of the E³UDRES² Board of Student Representatives), Ani Lietonen (E³UDRES² Communication Team), Carolyna Brandao (E³UDRES² Communication Team) and Alex Xafis (Science Outreach Expert & Lead E³UDRES² Communication Team) selected the winners, who will receive prize money in recognition of their outstanding contributions. The top three videos stood out for their creativity, clarity of message, and emotional resonance. In addition, two honorable mentions were chosen. In a statement following the selection process, the jury expressed admiration for the passion and thoughtfulness exhibited by all participants. "The videos we received were incredibly inspiring and demonstrated the deep connection that people feel to the European Union," remarked one jury member. "It was a challenging task to choose the winners among such a strong field of entries."

The winning videos

🥇 First place
Tatiana Migaesi and Vladyslav Olefirenko, Austria
"European Way of Life"

🥈 Second place
Bruna Custódio, Portugal, E³UDRES² Alliance
"EU: a visual poem"

🥉 Third place
Lydia Kamynina and Denis Nazarovs, Latvia, E³UDRES² Alliance
"Voter vs. non-voter"

Honourable mentions were awarded to Tomas Novotny (Czech Republic, 4EU+ Alliance) and Widya Satya Nugraha (Indonesia, E³UDRES² Alliance).

Further selected entries of the competition that deserve attention can be watched here.

The E³UDRES² European University Alliance aimed to raise awareness about EU-related topics, as well as highlight the significance of the upcoming European elections. The competition hoped to engage citizens and promote the European values encouraging to raise their voices, shedding light on issues that matter to us, and creating new ideas how to maintain the “European way of life”. The alliance members extend their gratitude to everyone who contributed to the competition. The display of creativity, engagement and protection of EU values has been truly inspiring to us all!

With the EU Matters Video Competition having come to an end, the next EU-themed activites are already around the corner: Join the E³UDRES² Team at St. Pölten UAS during their Europe Day on 15 May 2024.


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