Andris Lapans

Research Assistant

Main areas of research

Data integration and ETL (Extract Transform Load) operations

drone technologies for photogrammetry

multispectral imaging and 3d reality models

Academic background

Riga Technical University, (road engineering)

Research projects / Experience

CAD/GIS and databases

Projects: STARGATE (RESILIENT FARMING BY ADAPTIVE MICROCLIMATE MANAGEMENT), NOBAL wheat (breeding toolbox for sustainable food system of the NOrdic BALtic region), BALTIC100 (Quantitative data about societal and economic transformations in the regions of the three Baltic States during the last hundred years for the analysis of historical transformations and the overcoming of future challenges), MAMBA (maximizing mobility and accessibility of services in rural regions)

Remote sensing, photogrammetry, drone technologies, multispectral imaging

Contact details

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences


Areas of research

Human Contribution to Artificial Intelligence