Christoph Redelsteiner

Academic Director

Main areas of research

Psychosocial and emergency medical crisis intervention

Design and redesign of social and health care systems

Community care

Academic background

PhD Public Health (2016)

PhDr Health Administration (2009)

Master of Social Work (2006)

Master of Science in Emergency Health Services (2001)

Paramedic (1991)

Bachelor Social Work (1990)

Research projects / Experience

Conceptualization of an integrated community care center

Assessment of clinical guidelines for Austrian Federal Health Insurance

Design/Negotiation of paramedic law (Austrian Labor Union); Design and implementation of an integrated Nurse/Paramedic Bachelor curriculum

Critical Incident Stress Management / Peer system implementation for Emergency Services

Implementation of Public Access Defibrillation in Austria

Contact details

St. Pölten University Of Applied Sciences

Areas of research

Wellbeing and Active Ageing