Cristian Moldovan


Main areas of research

Robotics – Compliant structures. A.I. oriented/like control methods. Expansion of Robotics in unstructured environments – Co-Bots

Linkages – Origami folding structures. Cable/Wire Mechanisms

Academic background

PhD – Numeric Methods in Mechanical Engineering (2012) – Univ. Politehnica Timisoara

BSc + MSc – Robotics (2003) – Univ. Politehnica Timisoara

Research projects / Experience

Mecatronix (2019-2020) - Project Manager

Modeling and Simulation of a PiezoActuator. TU Dresden+ILK (2017)

Design and control of a compliant robotic member. DLR (2015)

Contact details

Politehnica University Timișoara

Areas of research

Circular Economy

Human Contribution to Artificial Intelligence