Dalma Geréné Radványi

Assistant Professor

Main areas of research

HS-SPME sampling

Volatile analysis using GC-MS

HPLC-QTOF MS analysis

Academic background

PhD in Food Sciences (2016)

Master Degree in Food Quality and Safety (2013)

Bachelor Degree in Food Engineering (2011)

Research projects / Experience

Complex VOC analysis of healthy and infected crops using TDU2/CIS4-GC-MS. Application and comparison of SPME and volatile collection sampling technique. (2018-2020)

Application of HS-SPME-GC-MS technique in the analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOC). Research and identification of metabolic marker compounds. (2013-2016)

Analysis of indoor molds using HS-SPME-GC-EI/CI qTOFMS. Examination and optimization of ionization techniques (electron ionization/chemical ionization). (2014)

KMR-12-1-2012-0189 project: A successful sampling process was developed for the examination of fungal compost and the indication of the molds’ presence. Volatile metabolomic marker database was built. (2013-2015)

Extraction and evaluation of biologically active compounds from elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) pomace. Examination the microbiological inhibitory effect. (2011-2013)

Evaluation of the stability of whipped egg white. (2007-2011)

Contact details

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Areas of research

Wellbeing and Active Ageing