Ildikó Bata-Vidács

Senior researcher

Main areas of research

Food and feed microbiology

Toxin binding of lactic acid bacteria

LAB – fungi antagonism

Combined treatments

Academic background

PhD in Food Sciences (2002)

Master Degree in Food Engineering (1993)

Research projects / Experience


2005 - Chongqing, China, Southwest Agricultural University (10 days) 1996 - Kulmbach, Germany, Bundesanstalt für Fleischforschung (5 months) 1995 - Wageningen, the Netherlands, RIKILT-DLO (6 months) 1993 - Gent, Belgium, University of Gent (3 months)

Latest projets as fellow researcher:

EU-FP7-SEC-2012-1-312631 SPICED Securing the spices and herbs commodity chains in Europe against deliberate, accidental, or natural biological and chemical contamination OTKA 116631 Monitoring of sterigmatocystin contamination in domestic feeds and exploring the possibilities of biodetoxification NVKP_16-1-2016-0009 Strengthening feed and food safety through development of innovative technologies for the removal of mycotoxins from feed

Contact details

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Areas of research

Wellbeing and Active Ageing