Iveta Šteinberga

Researcher / Professor

Main areas of research

Atmospheric chemistry and physics

Air pollution (incl. PMx, odours) modelling

Systemdinamic modelling

Application of Artifical Inteligence in environmental data Quality & Control

Academic background

Dr of Geography in Nature protection (2007)

Master degree in environmental enginiering (1999)

B.Sc. Chemical Technology (1997)

Research projects / Experience

COST Action CA16109 Chemical On-Line cOmpoSition and Source Apportionment of fine aerosoL, COLOSSAL (Latvia representative), 2017-2021

Project “Approbation of nanosensory measuring methods for odour pollution control in Saldus municipality”, 2018-2019

Project «A Systems Approach Framework for Coastal Research and Management in the Baltic (BaltCoast)», 2015-2018

ESSEM COST TD1105 TD1105 “European Network on New Sensing Technologies for Air-Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability”, 2012-2016

Contact details

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

Areas of research

Human Contribution to Artificial Intelligence