Jutta M. Kutrovátz


Main areas of research

Nutritional assessment methods

Methods for determining body composition

Methods for determining physical activity

Planning, implementation and statistical analysis of human intervention, cross sectional and cohort studies

Academic background

Diploma studies in Nutritional Sciences at University of Vienna (finished 1996)

Doctoral studies in Nutritional Sciences at University of Potsdam (finished 2002)

Research projects / Experience

Intervention study with children within game based learning (G'sund und G'scheit durch Spielezeit) 

German National Nutrition Survey II (MRI Karlsruhe)

Intervention studies testing the bioavailability of secondary plant compounds (MRI Karlsruhe)

Intervention studies regarding metabolic syndrome (DIfE Potsdam)

European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition – EPIC (DIfE Potsdam)

Contact details

St. Pölten University Of Applied Sciences

Areas of research

Wellbeing and Active Ageing