Luís Antunes Gomes

PhD Researcher / Assistant Lecturer

Main areas of research

Clinical research

Musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases

Models of care

Digital health

Academic background

PhD in Health Sciences (in progress)

MSc in in Physiotherapy - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (2017)

BSc in Physiotherapy (2014)

Research projects / Experience

PhD project “A stratified model of care to reduce disability of patients with low back pain in the primary healthcare: cost-effectiveness and optimization of minimal intervention” (in progress)

Researcher of “Projeto SARA (SPLIT Application for Remote Reabilitation)”, IPS4&Santander4Covid19. Despacho 158/Presidente/2020 (in progress)

Researcher of “SPLIT Project – Stratified model of care for patients with low back pain in primary healthcare”, Lisbon Regional Operational Program and Portuguese Science & Technology Foundation (2020)

Contact details

Polytechnic University of Setúbal

Areas of research

Wellbeing and Active Ageing