Mario Heller

Lecturer / Researcher

Main areas of research

Healthcare Technology Assessment

Human Posture / Motion / Activity / Mobility

Digital Healthcare & Assistive Wellbeing

Academic background

Doctoral Degree in Sport Sciences (2005)

Diploma Degree in Sports Engineering (2002)

Research projects / Experience

DIRENE - Competences for the new era of user-driven digital innovation in rehabilitation

EFFECTS - Active mobility, its potential and intersectoral effects

VeRgonomiX - virtual reality in ergonomics

SMART COMPANION - low-cost robot sensors and smart speech recognition in assistance services for elderly people

SONIGAIT II - sensor-equipped insoles for preventive therapeutic use

UmBrello - feasibility of a communications- and service platform for elderly in rural areas

Train & Win (FitDaheim) - IKT based physio- & ergotherapeutical training program for elderly

Contact details

St. Pölten University Of Applied Sciences

Areas of research

Wellbeing and Active Ageing