Miguel Guevara

Assistant Professor

Main areas of research

Computer Vision

Pattern Recognition / Machine Deep Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Main Application Fields: Biomedical Image and Data Analysis, Industry (AOIs, Condition Monitoring, Artificial Vision etc.), Cybersecurity, Cultural Heritage

Academic background

Licentiate in Mathematics

PhD in Technical Sciences

Branch of Computer Sciences

Research projects / Experience


Intelligent and flexible Computer Vision System for Automatic Inspection


Intelligent system for quality analysis in the process of moulds construction


Monitoring and Preventive Conservation of Historic and Cultural Heritage


Intelligent Analysis System for surveillance / crime control on open information sources

Senior Inclusive

Developing and adapting existing technologies aiming at the social inclusion of the elderly.


Development of Machine Learning Classifiers for Biomedical Image and Data Analysis, supported on Distributed Computing infrastructures

Contact details

Polytechnic University of Setúbal

Areas of research

Human Contribution to Artificial Intelligence

Wellbeing and Active Ageing