Nóra Adányiné Kisbocskói

Scientific Advisor / Research Group Leader

Main areas of research

Investigation of new methods, and research on food safety

Biosensor and immunosensor research

Academic background

2014, DSc in Chemistry (HAS, Budapest)

2004, PhD in Food Chemistry (TUB, Budapest)

1981, MSc in Food Chemistry (TUB, Budapest)

Research projects / Experience

Leader researcher – Securing the spices and herbs commodity chains in Europe against deliberate, accidental or natural biological and chemical contamination. (SPICED, EU FP7; 2013-2016)

Leader researcher – Development of an environment-friendly process for the production of gold nanoparticles and their use for biosensor signal amplification (Norway Grants; 2016-2017)

Leader researcher, In-situ, complex water quality monitoring by using direct and immunofluorimetry as well as plasma spectroscopy (NVKP_16; 2017-2020

Contact details

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Areas of research

Wellbeing and Active Ageing